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Profile & Interview with WWE star, CARMELLA.

Evidently, glamour and beauty is ubiquitous with the ladies of WWE yet not all have the ability to light up the ring in each and every appearance. One who clearly does, is the wrestling starlet known as, Carmella whose pedigree in the ring is matched only by a clear business acumen and warm persona.

She shines and glitters quite literally as soon as she makes her entrance into the ring. A natural beauty that all eyes are drawn to her, that fixation justifiably based on how she presents just as much as how she carries herself. There is a true luminescent quality to her, that is effortlessly confident; that in itself denotes an unmistakable quality and a rarity to experience, for anyone that is involved in the media or any substantive capacity. It is impossible to characterize her in ring persona that she has developed over the years, as it is one that is immediately distinct and unique when compared to every other female top tier personality in the sport. There is the no-nonsense brawling style of Becky Lynch, an enigmatic self-assured manner in Charlotte Flair and even the ferocious powerhouse like Asuka. Yet Carmella stands on her own as a uniquely defined sport entertainer that is one part popstar, one part glamour and also one part idiosyncratic athlete.

She is also supremely skilled on the mic, never faltering in her debates with rivals delivering memorable monologues as well as responding with scathing quips. One could opine that this savvy sports entertainer had mapped out this path to success from an early age; influenced by her father, who was himself a wrestler and one of the earliest proponents of American mixed martial arts, her expertise in dance endowed her with that fleetness of foot and masterful choreography that enabled her foray as a Cheerleader for the New England Patriots, and later into the coveted role as an LA Laker girl for the famed basketball team.

Camella moves with such dynamic fluidity and quickness in the ring, that her opponents always appear to misinterpret her attractiveness and upbeat persona as a hindrance, when it merely masks a skill set that includes vicious submission and powerful striking.

Incredibly athletic, she is both powerful and also possesses a higher level of cardio when compared to her contemporaries. At this top level, it is apparent that only the best in the WWE can perform extended matches and maintain a tempo and pacing that can hold deliver a match as well as retain a captive audience. Carmella takes it one step further, because she has that unique in ring persona with an unmistakable presence. It is not often that viewers will see a female sports entertainer, effectively Moonwalking into the ring as she makes her Entrance; neither do we see one competently dodge a flurry of haymakers and counter with a submission finisher, the Code of Silence or KO her opponent with her potent Princess Kick.

The two time Money in the Bank winner and 2018’s SmackDown Women's Champion, Carmella’s career trajectory has been nothing of astounding, achieving success with a confidence that is always appreciated by the fans, even as a heel. She has stood toe-to-toe with some of the finest athletes in the WWE, even defeating Charlotte Flair resulting in her aforementioned Smackdown Women’s championship victory.

Indeed, it could be opined emphatically that the reason for her success is attributed to her fearless mindset, engaging in various disciplines to not only further her career but develop as a multifaceted professional. That progressive and open mindedness is something that affords more opportunities to the individual, and definitely this is something about her that simply cannot be ignored.

Her more recent pairing with R-Truth is as entertaining as it is perplexing, with Carmella easily being the brains and beauty that is juxtaposed against R-Truth’s manic yet likeable brawn. This ever enterprising and ambitious sports entertainer has also recently pursued her own brand wine, with her Capo Cagna label on the cusp of a forthcoming release.

Thanks to the organizers of Oz Comic-Con, Nixco as well as Rohan Herbstreit from Ring Side Consulting, this journalist was afforded a few minutes with the busy WWE glamour. Greeted by her beauty and a very firm grip as she shook my hand, it was impossible not to become immediately enamoured by her highly engaging and enthusiastic manner. Truth be told, having interviewed both Batista and The Miz, one can say it is self-evident that this sports entertainer, is far easier on the eyes.

Short Q&A with the Staten Island Princess

Carmella, you have been to Australia before what are your thoughts on our beautiful country?

I LOVE IT HERE! I was just saying before the people here are so friendly and so welcoming, that is the one thing I will always take away from being in Melbourne.

You have had a meteoric rise (in your career) from Laker Girl to WWE Superstar, did you ever think you’d enjoy such success?

It’s crazy to be in the WWE, I never in a million years thought I would be a wrestler; my Dad was a wrestler back in the 90s so growing up watching it with him it wasn’t anything I thought I would do – it seemed like such a far-fetched idea. But when I had the opportunity for a try out, I thought to myself ‘You know what I am GOING TO DO THIS, I am going to learn, I am going to work really hard and make it to the top’ and I DID IT!

I describe your style as ‘luminous confidence’, what inspires your style as an wrestler?

Gosh, I really try to bring in some of my dance background into it – obviously with the Moonwalk, I wrestle in sneakers, I don’t wear traditional wrestling boots. I really try to bring in a pop culture feel into my character because of how I dress, try to stay trendy. As far as my in-ring style, I am one of the smallest girls so I try to use that to my advantage; I try to learn every single day and improve my craft.

You’ve also got a background in fitness, your Dad has a background in wrestling and MMA how would you describe your approach to training?

Gosh it has changed so much; when I first started (in NXT) I did a lot of heavy lifting but now being on the road 5 days a week, it is really hard to do a lot of heavy lifting in addition to travelling, being in hotels and on airplanes and rental cars; so now I do more light weight and higher reps. And I do a lot of empty stomach cardio in the morning (laughs)

As an exponent of Savate (French Kickboxing), I am very impressed with your Princess Kick finisher – what influenced that move?

Well, I do have a submission (called The Code of Silence) but sometimes that doesn’t come in handy so you got to have something that you can hit out of anywhere and that’s where the super kick came in?

Do you have a favourite sports supplement, protein, thermogenic or pre workout?

Nope, I just love coffee! I don’t really take supplements, I take a multi vitamin and take biotin (to grow my hair from frying it so much) but other than that I don’t really do a lot of supplements.

What advice would you give to aspiring young ladies seeking to emulate your path to success?

It’s all about working hard and believing in yourself at the end of the day; you’re going to get a lot of No’s and people that are going to doubt you all you can do is believe in yourself and work really hard.

Carmella, thank you for taking the time out to chat with Iron Muscle Worldwide
Thank you!

NOTE: WWE LIVE will return down under for three massive events in Sydney (Monday October 21 at Qudos Bank Arena), Brisbane (October 22 at Brisbane Entertainment Centre) and Melbourne (Wednesday October 23 at Rod Laver Arena) in partnership with TEG Dainty. Tickets can be purchased via
*Special thanks to the Rohan Herbstreit, Director of Ring Side Consulting, for enabling me to interview Carmella, I cannot thank you enough for without you this would not have occurred. Also it’d be remiss if I didn’t thank the key event staff for accommodating me and also going out of their way to help me acquire this interview. These include Courtney Bell and Celeste Jones at NIXCO; Charlotte Rowland and Chris Daniel from Oz Comic-Con. Thank you all.