Vance Ang – Journalist

Most accurately described, Vance Ang ‘is to bodybuilding journalism, what Dave Meltzer is to pro wrestling journalism.’ Vance has been writing professionally in the sport of bodybuilding now for more than 10 years and is considered a doyen of the Australian Bodybuilding and Fitness industry. Vance has been published in Australian IRONMAN, FLEX and RAW Muscle with his clear expertise in his signature athlete profiles, as well as competition coverage, news and commentary.
A Savate enthusiast, although he possesses academic capabilities in Law, political science and experience in investment his interest has always been in the sport of bodybuilding as a whole. One of his primary aims has always been to bring greater understanding to the sport but also to create the most sophisticated and articulate reports and profiles on some of the best in the sport today, both locally and internationally. After commencing his journalistic career in the sport in 2005, his clear and unwavering focus these days is on the IFBB Pro League – which he considers to be the greatest federation in a sport today.
A staunchly politically conservative pundit, Vance is also known for a very eclectic and some what eccentric taste in music, with glam metal and Country being amongst his favourite genres.