Joy Flint – Life Of Joy


I have always been into fitness and from the age of 14, I taught my first aerobics class. Married at 20 and 2 children later, I had a few years off teaching but when my son turned 1, I decided enough was enough and did a 12 week challenge where I lost 12 kgs. I have honestly never looked back. I was so passionate about helping others achieve the same, that I set out on my learning years and I am still going!! From studying nutrition to teaching aqua aerobics, I have not stopped reading, watching and listening to some of the best in the world. I feel that I will never know all the answers and I am honest and open about this.

I have lived in 4 different countries and finally moved to Australia in 2010 where we have settled (for now) as a family. Wanting a new challenge in 2013, I naively aimed for competing as a Figure girl in bodybuilding. With the help of youtube and magazines, I wrote out my own meal and exercise plan, got the guidance for my posing from a friend, had a bikini made, ordered my hooker heels and set a date!! 3 months later I was on stage in my very first competition. I did 5 shows that year and won ANB Australian Masters Figure.

In 2014, I saved enough money to travel to Canada for the Worlds and came 6th as an elite athlete. A little bit fatigued and run down and after a bout of pneumonia, I decided to walk away from competing.

In 2016, I got a coach who thought I would be good enough for The Arnolds. I trained and ate exactly on plan for 12 weeks and hit the stage again. I was overwhelmed with the whole thing and my anxiety certainly stops me in my tracks. I don’t like the stage and I get out of breath and usually have to be coaxed on. It is amazing how you have to just put on a brave front, smile and do your thing for 5 minutes. I don’t ever remember actually performing and have to watch the videos to see what I did!

In 2017 and 2018, I took to the stage for the NSW Championships for IFBB Pro League and The Arnolds. I have placed 1st quite a few times for NSW and last year was my best season and I came 2nd in The Arnolds and the Nationals.

I am just about to start my prep for Amateur Olympia in Vegas and then aiming to do the Arnolds next year. This is a lifestyle for me and I will never let competing take over my life.

So along with this, I own my own 24 hour gym, have a family and 5 animals. I never stop. I am continuously thinking of the next thing whether that be in my own journey or for helping others around me. I am passionate about the fitness industry and my main aim is to help people find the right balance with exercise and nutrition. I believe that mind set is everything. If you are not strong enough mentally, you won’t succeed physically.