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I started training when I was 16, found my passion and started to see great results. At the age of 20, got offered to do my first show – Junior Men’s division where I placed 3rd. I have trained and competed now for over 20yrs. I have also worked in the supplement industry for quite a few years , and have worked hard to gain in-depth knowledge and understanding in how to use these to an advantage

2003 INBA 3rd junior men’s
2005 INBA 2rd men’s division
2008 NABBA 3rd place
2010 NABBA 3rd place
2012 NABBA 2rd place
2012 NABBA Australian Nationals 3rd place
2014 IFBB 2nd place over 90kg
2016 IFBB 1st place under 100kg
2017 IFBB 1st place under 100kg
2017 IFBB Australian Nationals 3rd place