DARREN BURNS – Freelance Photography

Darren is a freelance photographer with a strong interest in bodybuilding photography and has photographic coverage of many of the top professional contests to magazines and websites.
Darren first started attending bodybuilding competitions in the late 80’s and taking photos of the guest-posers. His interest in physique photography quickly grew and he started to photograph bodybuilding contests for promoters. In recent years, Darren has been an official photographers at events including the Mr.Olympia, Amateur Olympia Las Vegas, Arnold Classic Australia and Asia, and is also the official photographer for ICN Queensland.
His work has appeared in FLEX, Ironman, Muscle Insider, Rx Muscle, Maximum Muscle and Muscular Development.
When Darren is not travelling and photographing bodybuilding shows, he enjoys shooting concerts and sporting events, particularly boxing, mixed martial arts and his son’s football games.