Joy Flint – Life Of Joy


I have always been into fitness and from the age of 14, I taught my first aerobics class. Married at 20 and 2 children later, I had a few years off teaching but when my son turned 1, I decided enough was enough and did a 12 week challenge where I lost 12 kgs. I have honestly never looked back. I was so passionate about helping others achieve the same, that I set out on my learning years and I am still going!! From studying nutrition to teaching aqua aerobics, I have not stopped reading, watching and listening to some of the best in the world. I feel that I will never know all the answers and I am honest and open about this.

I have lived in 4 different countries and finally moved to Australia in 2010 where we have settled (for now) as a family. Wanting a new challenge in 2013, I naively aimed for competing as a Figure girl in bodybuilding. With the help of youtube and magazines, I wrote out my own meal and exercise plan, got the guidance for my posing from a friend, had a bikini made, ordered my hooker heels and set a date!! 3 months later I was on stage in my very first competition. I did 5 shows that year and won ANB Australian Masters Figure.

In 2014, I saved enough money to travel to Canada for the Worlds and came 6th as an elite athlete. A little bit fatigued and run down and after a bout of pneumonia, I decided to walk away from competing.

In 2016, I got a coach who thought I would be good enough for The Arnolds. I trained and ate exactly on plan for 12 weeks and hit the stage again. I was overwhelmed with the whole thing and my anxiety certainly stops me in my tracks. I don’t like the stage and I get out of breath and usually have to be coaxed on. It is amazing how you have to just put on a brave front, smile and do your thing for 5 minutes. I don’t ever remember actually performing and have to watch the videos to see what I did!

In 2017 and 2018, I took to the stage for the NSW Championships for IFBB Pro League and The Arnolds. I have placed 1st quite a few times for NSW and last year was my best season and I came 2nd in The Arnolds and the Nationals.

I am just about to start my prep for Amateur Olympia in Vegas and then aiming to do the Arnolds next year. This is a lifestyle for me and I will never let competing take over my life.

So along with this, I own my own 24 hour gym, have a family and 5 animals. I never stop. I am continuously thinking of the next thing whether that be in my own journey or for helping others around me. I am passionate about the fitness industry and my main aim is to help people find the right balance with exercise and nutrition. I believe that mind set is everything. If you are not strong enough mentally, you won’t succeed physically.

Vance Ang – Journalist

Most accurately described, Vance Ang ‘is to bodybuilding journalism, what Dave Meltzer is to pro wrestling journalism.’ Vance has been writing professionally in the sport of bodybuilding now for more than 10 years and is considered a doyen of the Australian Bodybuilding and Fitness industry. Vance has been published in Australian IRONMAN, FLEX and RAW Muscle with his clear expertise in his signature athlete profiles, as well as competition coverage, news and commentary.
A Savate enthusiast, although he possesses academic capabilities in Law, political science and experience in investment his interest has always been in the sport of bodybuilding as a whole. One of his primary aims has always been to bring greater understanding to the sport but also to create the most sophisticated and articulate reports and profiles on some of the best in the sport today, both locally and internationally. After commencing his journalistic career in the sport in 2005, his clear and unwavering focus these days is on the IFBB Pro League – which he considers to be the greatest federation in a sport today.
A staunchly politically conservative pundit, Vance is also known for a very eclectic and some what eccentric taste in music, with glam metal and Country being amongst his favourite genres.

DARREN BURNS – Freelance Photography

Darren is a freelance photographer with a strong interest in bodybuilding photography and has photographic coverage of many of the top professional contests to magazines and websites.
Darren first started attending bodybuilding competitions in the late 80’s and taking photos of the guest-posers. His interest in physique photography quickly grew and he started to photograph bodybuilding contests for promoters. In recent years, Darren has been an official photographers at events including the Mr.Olympia, Amateur Olympia Las Vegas, Arnold Classic Australia and Asia, and is also the official photographer for ICN Queensland.
His work has appeared in FLEX, Ironman, Muscle Insider, Rx Muscle, Maximum Muscle and Muscular Development.
When Darren is not travelling and photographing bodybuilding shows, he enjoys shooting concerts and sporting events, particularly boxing, mixed martial arts and his son’s football games.

Lachlan Donaldson – Protocol Strategist

Certified Poliquin BioPrint Practitioner

Lachlan is a Certified Poliquin BioPrint Practitioner with an in depth knowledge of protocols for achieving numerous different body composition goals, be it through training, food or supplementation strategies.” Lachlan has over 18yrs experience in the industry

Guy Rowland – Supplement Support/Reviews

Supplement Advice

I started training when I was 16, found my passion and started to see great results. At the age of 20, got offered to do my first show – Junior Men’s division where I placed 3rd. I have trained and competed now for over 20yrs. I have also worked in the supplement industry for quite a few years , and have worked hard to gain in-depth knowledge and understanding in how to use these to an advantage

2003 INBA 3rd junior men’s
2005 INBA 2rd men’s division
2008 NABBA 3rd place
2010 NABBA 3rd place
2012 NABBA 2rd place
2012 NABBA Australian Nationals 3rd place
2014 IFBB 2nd place over 90kg
2016 IFBB 1st place under 100kg
2017 IFBB 1st place under 100kg
2017 IFBB Australian Nationals 3rd place