The Truth about Balance

The Truth about Balance

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I'm not going to say anything here that hasn't been said by others before.
I'm just going to add my voice to this topic.

If you want to achieve success to the absolute pinnacle of any given field, then balance cannot exist in your world. You have to be selfishly obsessed in pursuit of that goal. Not just talking about bodybuilding, strongman, power-lifting, cross-fit, I'm talking about any pinnacle of any field. You want to be the best you have to sacrifice the other aspects of your life. This is admirable for some, but the part that I find a bit sad is the number of people I see sacrificing the balance of their lives to pursue and obsess over an unrealistic pipe-dream of being a pro bodybuilder when it is painfully obvious to everyone except them that they just don't have that potential. Now I'm not saying that you shouldn't pursue your dreams. I'm just saying that by Odin's Beard you need to have some damn perspective.

What do you want in life?
Do you want to be 40, broke, job-less, child-less living in a room above your mum's garage? All the money you do manage to earn feeding your gear and supplement addiction?

Nope? Then find some balance.
I'm not saying don't compete. I'm not saying don't have massive goals. I'm just saying set some priorities. Start a career that you will find fulfilling, and that you can balance with training and if you desire comp-prep too. If you want children, don't blast stupid amounts of ped's until at least after you've had all the children you want in your lifetime. If you want to own your own house, set a plan in motion to make that happen, then budget what you can afford for the supplements and extras that your HOBBY requires. Because if this isn't your career and your primary source of income that is what it is, a hobby.

Don't let your hobby coast you the things that really matter in life.