Amateur  Olympia Update

Amateur Olympia Update

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Well, it's getting closer and the the thought of eating something other than chicken is getting quite exciting. The scrolling through social media and looking at food has started!! It's weird as when I do have freedom to eat what I want, I don't eat junk food anyway. Mind you a cookie would be nice right now.

So, training been consistent. 45 minutes of cardio and weights 6 sessions a week. Making the most of feeling good and remarkably still strong. I'm still on high calories and my coach likes me to eat lots of carbs. Been a whole different method to what I have done previously. I don't get bored with food, I just eat it as I'm usually so hungry anyway.

I have my bikini for Bendigo ready which was made by a beautiful lady that I haven't met. It fits perfectly and I feel so good in it. My Vegas one is on its way and I don't know what that looks like yet. I like surprises.

Work has been full on, being self employed has its positives and negatives. Trying to get through winter and keeping people motivated is quite tough sometimes. People will appear again when the sun warms up. The same every year.

All things booked for The Amateur Olympia and we are on a group chat, as a team that are going from Australia. I don't know anyone else but I'm sure we will get to socialise once the events are over. Tan booked and I have decided to have a makeup lesson before I go and then do it myself. Saves some cash for shopping!

All things going well. Just have to push through the last part.

Wish me luck