Amateur  Olympia Update

Amateur Olympia Update

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Hello wonderful people, thought it about time I gave you an update.

So I'm now just over 5 weeks till Bendigo and 7 weeks till Amateur Olympia. The last few weeks, I have felt myself again. That cat bite really effected my immune system. I have never slept so much! My energy has returned and I'm now back in the swing of training 6 times per week. My food has not changed at all and I'm still consuming approx. 2000cals with a good chunk coming from carbs. My body loves them! I still complain about being hungry all the time though! Still only 30 minutes of cardio, which I generally do at home on my spin bike, catching up on YouTube.

Last week I went down to visit my friend Elise (watch out for video interview) and we trained together, solved the worlds problems and went out for a great meal. No, I didn't eat off plan as the cafe catered for specific diets. I ordered exactly what I needed, even the quantities. It was so nice to be able to go out and have someone else cook.

I still haven't eaten chocolate, can't quite believe it. Have I missed it, mmmmmm, sometimes! Do I need it, NO! My refeeds are now only what I would normally eat but a bigger portion. I made steak and chips on Saturday and it was delicious.

So, I will just keep digging. On the homeward stretch now. I can smell the tan, I can see myself up on that stage. I write down my goals, I put it out to the universe, what will be will be.

Much love