Amateur  Olympia Update

Amateur Olympia Update

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Well hello iron muscle followers, here is my update for my prep to Amateur Olympia.

I'm finally feeling better after about 5 weeks of feeling crap due to toxins from cat bite and my body not liking antibiotics. Feeling lethargic and off my food has been pretty hard. That being said, I have still ploughed on through and got the work done. Finally starting to see my hard work paying off, which motivates me to keep going. Although I have only dropped a little weight and still sitting about 5kg above my last stage weight, I am retaining muscle well, still on a good amount of calories and only 30 minutes of cardio has been introduced.

I have got such an amazing support network, even people I have never met, are messaging me. A beautiful girl called PJ Allen, who is also prepping for a show, has been amazing. We have never spoken to each other but we keep each other going with daily messages. She has so generously offered to make me a new bikini. I'm so overwhelmed. We make sure we message each other on a Friday morning, as that's the day we have to give our photos to our own coaches. She is digging deep and inspires me, just like so many of my friends around me. Elise Fargie, a truly amazing IFBB Pro League athlete is my back bone. We share those moments when we are feeling a bit low and just having someone to let off steam to, really does help. Having people around you that build you up, that listen and don't judge, is so important.

I have finally taken the plunge and booked my flights and hotel for Las Vegas. A great friend has offered to be my sidekick and mentor. Although she doesn't compete, she loves travelling and her being with me is a huge support. Am I nervous, hell yes! Competing for me, never gets any easier. Bendigo is the week before and I'm using that to get back on stage to practice. My anxiety is something I battle with everyday and approaching the stage intensifies it. Do I let this stop me, NO. That feeling of accomplishment is worth every moment of the 20 weeks of pushing boundaries. Me against me, every single day.

Now to just switch into robotic mode.

Much love

Joy x