International Protein Athlete Profile / REBECCA HARVEY

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International Protein Athlete Profile / REBECCA HARVEY

Name: Rebecca Harvey
Date of Birth 30/09/1988
Residence/State: Bali Indonesia
Trains out of: Local gym now
Years competing: 4years
Years training: 5 years
Sponsor/s International Protein

Which division and federation do you compete with?


How would you describe your training and nutritional methods?

Balanced and healthy. I follow IIFYM and I track my macros daily. I like to include a wide variety of food groups in my diet every day.

Favourite and Least favourites exercise
Favourite would be chin ups.
Least favourite is probably hip thrusts.

Favourite and Least favourite diet and cheat foods
Favourite diet food? Chobani is a good diet food
Favourtie cheat food whould be chocolate. I don’t get to eat much chocolate during the season.

Do you have a coach or PT, to what degree have they influenced you?

Yes my Coach is Coach Deasy of Graite conditioning. He has actually changed my life from the years he has been coaching me. I used to have no self confidence and no direction in my life. Now I am very confident and happy in my body and in my life.

What are your likes and dislikes about competing?
I love being on stage that is my favourite part.
I dislike the last 2 weeks when im starving and tired.

Who or what has been your biggest inspiration and why?
Andrew Deasy
Granite Conditioning
He made me a develop a true love for bodybuilding and helped me reach my full potential.

What is the appeal of this sport to you and why?
I like seeing my physique change and grow during a prep. It’s a big challlenge for me

What is the biggest misconception people have about your comp pursuits?

That its unhealthy.

Describe yourself in one word


What has been a most memorable competition experience you have had and why?

ICN Miss Athletica Brisbane 2017

Any funny prep or comp experiences you would like to share?

I once lost my shoes in Bali when I was competing. It was the day before the show. That was funny.

What are your comp and BB aspirations for the next 2 to 5 years?

I want to compete in
America as an ICN bikini pro. Its just a matter of getting the funds together to make it happen. I love representing my country and my team International Protein.

Multimedia Info

YouTube Channel: NA
Facebook: Becylu fit
Instagram: Becylufit