International Protein Athlete Profile/CHAYSE TATTERSHALL

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Chayse Tattershall

Name: Chayse Tattershall
Date of Birth 04-12-1990
Residence/State: NSW
Trains out of: Golds Gym Miranda
Years competing: 5
Years training: 7
Sponsor/s International Protein, Gassd Nutrition, Ryderwear

Which division and federation do you compete with?
IFBB Pro League, Super heavy weight division

How would you describe your training and nutritional methods?
Smart! I train and eat within my bodies needs and when I need to I take time off to rest.

Favourite and Least favourites exercise?
Nothing better than a heavy session on the bench press and least favourite would be chin ups as Im too heavy to do without assistance

Favourite and Least favourite diet and cheat foods?
I’m not a big foodie so it doesn’t bother me either way but burgers would be my favourite cheat meal and asparagus would be my least favourite diet food.

Do you have a coach or PT, to what degree have they influenced you?
Yes Dave palumbo has been my mentor/coach the past 4 years and I continue to learn and grow through his methods and knowledge

What are your likes and dislikes about competing?
I love every aspect of it! The diet, training, cardio, posing practice to then getting on stage.

Who or what has been your biggest inspiration and why?
For me it’s not always who is at the top of their game but the people who go through injuries and hardships then return better than ever cause we all know it’s easier to quit than put in the work required.

What is the appeal of this sport to you and why?
I like the idea of completely changing the way you look and feel through diet and training. In 3 months I can go from 130+kgs in the off-season to around 115kgs with less than 4% body fat and that’s pretty cool

What is the biggest misconception people have about your comp pursuits?
That they make it harder than what it is. You create the environment with your mind, if you keep thinking it’s going to be tough eventually you’re going to believe it

Describe yourself in one word

What has been a most memorable competition experience you have had and why?
This years Arnold Classic Australia! I brought my biggest and best physique I possibly could have. I placed 3rd in a very tough line up with some of the best physiques in the country!

Any funny prep or comp experiences you would like to share?
Yes getting ready for my first comp I had diet brain that hard I completely forgot about my tan until the day before, 4 cans of spray tan from Woolworths and i woke up at 4am to find the tan on my back completely stripped off and stuck on the hotel sheets..

What are your comp and BB aspirations for the next 2 to 5 years?
To continue to grow and improve in my sport and take out the super heavy weight class.

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