International Protein Athlete Profile / JACKI JEWELL

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International Protein Athlete Profile / JACKI JEWELL

Name: Jacki Fitzgerald
Date of Birth 15-01-1988
Residence/State: VIC
Trains out of: JPS Health and Fitness
Years competing: 2
Years training: 4
Sponsor/s International Protein, JPS Health and Fitness, All You Activewear, Ikkin Wear

Which division and federation do you compete with?
Fitness Division in ICN, WFF, ANB

How would you describe your training and nutritional methods?
5 strength training sessions per week with an IIFYM approach to dieting. As competitions get closer I incorporate cardio into my training as well.

Favourite and Least favourites exercise?
My favourite exercise would have to be anything that incorporates shoulders or Romanian Deadlifts. My least favourite exercise would have to be squats.

Favourite and Least favourite diet and cheat foods?
My favourite food whether I’m in a calorie deficit or not is broccoli, however I cannot stand mushrooms, even though I know their high volume would be a great addition to my diet when I’m dieting. On the flip side I think donuts are overrated as a cheat food and I’d much prefer a burger.

Do you have a coach or PT, to what degree have they influenced you?
Jacob Schepis from JPS Health and Fitness in my coach. He has taught me everything I know about training and nutrition. He has taken me from a physically and emotionally unhealthy person to the complete opposite.

What are your likes and dislikes about competing?
If I had any dislikes I wouldn’t compete.
I love everything about the sport I choose to compete in. It gives me the opportunity to continually learn about myself and improve on weaknesses while celebrate my strengths. I have met some of my closest and dearest friends since I began competing, and it’s the love for the sport that has brought us together.

Who or what has been your biggest inspiration and why?
Kayla Polidoro was the first person I saw compete. I didn’t know her at the time, however I saw her and said to my coach who was standing next to me at the time “I want to be like her.” I have rice competed against her, and we are now best friends.

What is the appeal of this sport to you and why?
I love the challenge of bodybuilding comp prep. It is next level and really requires your focus which I really enjoy however the appeal is the actual comp day. It is where I have the chance to showcase my hard work and dedication up against other inspiring athletes.

What is the biggest misconception people have about your comp pursuits?
That it is a beauty pageant.

Describe yourself in one word

What has been a most memorable competition experience you have had and why?
Sharing a podium with my idol.

Any funny prep or comp experiences you would like to share?
It was my first year of competing and I was in Sydney for the ANB Nationals and my heel got stuck in a join in the stage while I was completing my individual T walk. I stumbled a little, the crowd gasped and I had to bend down and yank my heel out of where it was lodged. I laughed it off, continued my walk and took out third place in Australia.

What are your comp and BB aspirations for the next 2 to 5 years?
I would like to make a strong come back to the ICN and ANB stages since having a baby in April 2019. I would then like to move into PCA. Depending on how my body adapts and changes in accordance with my training, the next federations I compete in will really be based on where I fit best in terms of shape and size etc…

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