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Desley Robinson 'Lady D'

Name: Desley Robinson
Date of Birth 23/03/88
Residence/State: QLD
Trains out of: Logan Boxing Team
Years competing: 16 years
Years training: 16 years
Sponsor/s She Fitness Apparel, Keto Queen

How would you describe your training and nutritional methods?
I box every day and spar 1-2 times a week, I also do weight training every day. Between fights I work on strength so heavy sets and always to failure, As the fight gets closer I lighten my weights up and speed everything up working on fast twitch fibers.
While working on strength I ensure I eat an ample variety of carbs, fats and proteins which helps me re fuel and stay strong.
If I ever have to cut weight I strip everything back to plane jane; Lots of protein and green vegetables, sweet potato, minimal carbs (rice cakes are a must to keep me sane) and heaps of water.
I eat a lot of plane food as it is so I don’t do fancy sugary sauces or toppings when I’m not fight prepping so food is made easier when I’m getting prepped for a fight. I use an air dryer for most foods as its easy and quick and makes tasty sweet potato chips

Favourite and Least favourites exercise?
Least favorite exercise would be ab bjke rides
Favorite exercise would be shoulder press

Favourite and Least favourite diet and cheat foods?

Favorite cheat meal is a burger you can’t beat a good burger
Least fovorite food is sardines … give me tuna any day!!

Do you have a coach or PT, to what degree have they influenced you?
I’ve been a PT for 14 years, so I’ve coached myself for most of it. My partner is a body builder so I gain a lot of knowledge from him I would be lost without his knowledge and support,

What are your likes and dislikes about boxing?

I love every aspect of boxing it’s the drive,dedication and pressure to achieve your goal by that date and prove the doubters wrong and prove to yourself you can do it. Plus when you win that’s the best feeling of accomplishment. My only dislike is opponents pulling out on me last minute.

Who or what has been your biggest inspiration and why?

To be honest its everyday people , people you cross paths with, family, friends, it’s the average joe really, It doesn’t need to be someone famous the way I see it is everyone has a battle they are fighting or fought and everyone has overcome so many obstacles which gives others hope and confidence that they can do the same. I love seeing people achieve their goals and inspire others to so.

What is the appeal of this sport to you and why?

Boxing is a very disciplined sport, you need to be on you’re a game the entire time. I Love the discipline, fitness and the fact 99% of boxers all have a story to tell of why they also do what they do . I enjoy the challenge of facing someone who thinks they can beat you and proving them wrong.

What is the biggest misconception people have about your competitive pursuits?

If you are pretty or have a straight nose you can’t be a boxer.

Describe yourself in one word

What has been a most memorable competition experience you have had and why?

Winning my pro debut and having my son cheering me on alongside my partner

Any funny prep or comp experiences you would like to share?

Make sure you wear the right underwear at all times; I had to get my coach to pull a major wedge out between rounds in front of thousands of people. I tried with my gloves numerous times while in the ring and people were wondering what was going on.

What are your comp and BB aspirations for the next 2 to 5 years?

To win the Australian and Australasian title and climb the world ranks to number 1

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Instagram: Desley_r_boxer